Home Decor for the Fall-Lovers

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Home Decor for the Fall-Lovers

Home Decor for the Fall-Lovers

This one’s for the people who like to give Thanksgiving its own space on the calendar!

No shade, of course, to the “early elves” out there who have their trees and wreaths and mistletoe out already. I understand you more and more every year.

The reason I love Thanksgiving / autumn harvest decor is how simple it can be while still bringing a specific feeling to the atmosphere. The warm tones and natural elements evoke such a special comfort, don’t they?

There’s no real need to spend a ton of money and time decorating your entire house for your November family gatherings, which is great because I find that intentional statement decor is sometimes better in this case!

Candles. Candles bring the mood wherever they go. I absolutely adore the look of tall candles. Not only are they oh-so romantic, but they make the space look so elevated. 

Fall Candles

Like why am I not wearing a champagne gown right now?

I love this example of varied candles as a dinner centerpiece with eucalyptus, burnt orange foliage, and mini pumpkins. Even without the exact same elements, you can easily produce a similar look with pretty much anything you come across that you love.

Garlands. The season might tempt us to gather up all the pretty leaves from outside by the bagful and toss them across our living room… but the second best option has to be gorgeous garlands.

Orange garland

Give them an intentional location (on the mantle, across the top of your piano, over the kitchen doorway). My personal favorite thing to do is layer with dried orange garlands! They’re so easy and fun. Learn how to make yours here.

Level up the sensory experience and try tying in cinnamon sticks, rosemary, pine, or bay leaves!

Remember that Command hooks keep your walls nice and damage free.

Wreaths. There’s a wreath for every occasion, truly. But if you pick the right one, your front door decor will transition beautifully into December and even into the new year. Wreaths are one of those things you tend to forget about, especially if you’re a back-door-user like I am.


I love this door wreath for its lovely symmetrical shape, olive accents, and shiny gold ribbon. Gold is one of those rich, festive neutral colors that will have a place all season long.

Making your own wreath isn’t an impossible task either! All you really need is a plan, a hoop, faux greenery, green wire, and wire cutters. Your local craft store is begging you to try, trust me.

Plants and pumpkins. Your orange, carved Halloween pumpkins might be aging not so gracefully, but there’s still time to decorate with more! I love the look of these white and green gourds, but you can absolutely keep the orange and red going. When I visited a local pumpkin patch I was surprised how cheap the prettiest pumpkins were! I was so inspired when I realized how many colors pumpkins can be.

Brighten your porch steps with fall-friendly foliage. This helpful article gets you on the right track to selecting the perfect autumn plants to keep your new pumpkins company.

Acorns and pinecones. Our yard is covered in these, but they’re just as easy to find online in whatever shape, size, quantity, or color that you like.

I usually steer away from decor with lots of small pieces because it can feel cluttered sometimes, but if I were to make an exception, it would be for these.

Fall pinecones

Fill a bowl with acorns, pinecones, or both and place it on your coffee table next to your favorite scented candle and books.

Hot glue them to a string. They would look so pretty hanging in the window. Later they might even make the cutest addition to your Christmas tree!

I love the idea of using larger pinecones as place card holders. You can even buy cinnamon scented ones at some grocery or craft stores during this time of year! Handwritten name cards fit easily between the scales. Center them on the dishes or place them on the napkins where your guests can see them. Thanksgiving will be one to remember.

Okay, now Christmas can happen!