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Easy Hair Styles for the Busy Mom

3 min read

Easy Hair Styles for the Busy Mom

Easy Hair Styles for the Busy Mom

I don’t know about you, but life feels good when I feel good about my hair!
There have been plenty of times when I decided to try something fancy and nothing was working the way I thought it would. After half an hour of wasted time and sore arms, all the bobby pins would come out and I’d ponytail it and call it fine. That’s definitely the reason I don’t want to bother most of the time. I don’t wanna hurt my own feelings again! Luckily I’ve found some simple and forgiving styles that I can go back to again and again. Read on to see a few! I will say that the most helpful thing is having a good starting point. When you get your hair cut and/or dyed, it’s a great idea to make sure it looks the way you want in its most natural state and not just when it’s straightened, curled, or anything else. For me, I had so many problems styling until I got long bangs that fit my face (and tricky hairline) and suddenly my world opened up. Bangs aren’t always the answer obviously, but hey you never know what that one little change might be for you! Lets see some ideas to get us feeling pretty and put together all week long.

Tie It in a BowPonytails, half-ups, buns, braids… everything looks cuter with a ribbon. It’s such a light and feminine touch that adds a lot more interest and dimension to whatever style you choose, no matter how rushed it actually is.

Low BunsBuns are a gorgeous way to keep all your hair out of the way. But high buns hurt so much more than low buns after a long day, don’t they? Good thing low buns are trending! Make yours look a little more “polished” by adding a loose braid as a first step, using your favorite clips, or wrapping hair around the elastic for that lovely uniform look.

Heatless Overnight CurlsWondering how to self-care tonight after the kids are in bed? Try heatless curls! Wake up and enjoy your effortless curls then use the second and third day texture to add that extra body to other hairstyles. No matter your hair type or length, there’s a tutorial for you. Try using the sock method, RobeCurls products, braiding for natural hair, or this bath robe tie method for shorter hair lengths!

Half UpsI love going half-up. It’s truly the best of both worlds. These looks are great for dirty hair days or “I don’t know what to do” days. Braids and bling go great together, and you can't go wrong with a simple twist or a knot held with a few pins. Create an adorable bow by making a ponytail but not pulling it all the way through, splitting the bun in half and pinning a little section of hair in the middle. I surprised myself by how quickly I was able to do that one!

PigtailsPigtails doesn’t always have to mean pigtails. Kinda just means pick your favorite hairstyle and do it twice! For that reason I find pigtail styles to be the most time consuming, but maybe that’s just me trying to get them as close to exactly the same as possible.

Flip It ThroughOnce you start playing around with inverted ponytails (or however it’s actually called) you’ll find a lot of fun and beautiful ways to create a magical but effortless look. Practice by simply loosening your ponytail, splitting your hair in two parts above the tie, and flipping all of your hair through the hole you created. Use this technique for full ponytails, half-up designs, buns, or pigtails.


Tip: flip your hair through in the opposite direction to create volume you never knew you had!