6 Things I Put in My Baby's Keepsake Box

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6 Things I Put in My Baby's Keepsake Box

6 Things I Put in My Baby's Keepsake Box

So, I question my grasp on the concept of time almost daily. How about you?

It seems fake that I was holding my own swaddled newborn just a short time ago. She’s already almost triple the size! All of those sweet tiny outfits that I never want to let go of…ugh. It tricks me into believing I’m also aging at high speed.

Well, maybe I am. But in plenty of good ways, too!

A couple of weeks ago while I was at Target, I happened upon the prettiest fabric storage boxes. I was immediately inspired to create a newborn keepsake box for my little girl. The one I brought home is only about 10x14”, so it won’t hold too many things. But I knew I wanted to be intentional with what I chose to keep. This specific first box would be focused on my baby’s first few days on the outside.

It’s SO easy to attach sentimental value to everything your baby touches. I’ve had to train myself out of that extreme thought process, for sure.

I heard some really great advice about how to know what to let go of: Write notes to go along with your baby’s items. If you can’t think of anything to write about, it’s probably okay to let it go.

There’s a lot of joy to be found in donating or gifting your gently used newborn clothes and blankets for another sweet momma to enjoy.

Here’s what I included in my keepsake box!

1. Photo book

Pictures on a screen are wonderful, but pictures in a book are so special.

There are lots of ways to do this! I’ve loved using Shutterfly, it’s one of many websites that offer beautiful custom printed books. I went to their website and created my own little 6x6” hardcover book with all of my favorite pictures from the day my daughter was born. I wrote some details about the events on each page as if I was telling her the story.

One day we’ll be able to read it together and it’ll be the sweetest.

2. Ultrasounds, footprints, wristbands, hospital documents

Whether you choose to display the original ultrasounds or store them, a copy or two make great keepsakes that you won’t want to be without.

I’m glad that the hospital takes care of the first footprints, because I wouldn’t have thought of it until way later. They sure look cute with everything else. Be sure to add your wristbands and any other slips of paper you collected on that busy day that include memorable information.

3. Cards

For my baby shower, my mom bought a bunch of miniature brown paper envelopes and had everyone write me encouraging notes. I included a few of those as well as some regular sized cards given to us by other family members, friends, and kind neighbors.

4. First swaddle, mittens, and hat

Your baby’s firsts make wonderful keepsakes. I love being able to hold things like these in my hands and look at pictures of them at the same time!

I made sure to hang onto her little striped hat that covered her head of hair, her white mittens that she held close to her face… and the cute clown blanket that kept her warm in her car seat leaving the hospital, but that we had to take off immediately because it was summertime in the desert.

As with all fabric pieces, it’s a good idea to consider protecting them from any possible exposure to the elements with airtight plastic bags.

5. First / favorite outfits

Don’t you adore holding up tiny onesies? They’re TOO SMALL I love it.

There are a few of my girl’s very first pajamas and cozy outfits that I just melt over. Her lovely white blessing dress and bracelet definitely belong as well. While there could be some clothing items that I hang onto for a possible next baby, I set aside a couple that will belong forever in her designated box.

6. Umbilical cord clip

I was on the fence about this one, but the umbilical cord is genuinely a super cool and special thing. It’s kinda the last thing to “connect” you to your baby. The clip alone might be perceived by family members as little less weird than the actual dried up cord after it falls off, (that’s a fun time) but at the end of the day you get to decide what you’re keeping and what it means to you!

I hope you found this guide helpful! We can’t control time, but we can make our own time capsules for the ones that made us moms.

-Makayla Wayt