Costume Ideas For Your Tiny Trick-Or-Treater

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Costume Ideas For Your Tiny Trick-Or-Treater

Costume Ideas For Your Tiny Trick-Or-Treater

I love dressing up for Halloween, and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate actual clothing into my costumes. I’ll never understand all the flimsy, uncomfortable fabrics that stores load up on during this time of year.

Especially when dressing up a baby, you’ll want to prioritize items that are functional (warm, sturdy, stylish). Why not choose clothing you can continue to use?

We’ve got you covered! Let’s get creative.


Call the police!! The bank has been robbed in the most adorable way possible! This all-black ensemble is so cute, it’s criminal. Put together the beanie, jumper, and sneaky sneakers. Can’t forget the stash of cash! This toy money set is made of soft felt and makes for the perfect prop. If your little one is old enough to toddle door to door, your neighbors will love putting candy into the cotton money bag.

Cabbage Patch Kid

Does your baby have big round cheeks and a button nose? Then they’d make the cuddliest Cabbage Patch Kid! Pair this floral dress with these darling doll-like shoes. Choose any color of yarn for your baby’s own crochet beanie wig. Put a box with a window cut out over your stroller and stick on the original logo from 1982! Or simply print it smaller and safety-pin it onto the front of your baby’s outfit.

Pillsbury Dough Baby

It’s going to be hard not to tickle the tummy of this Pillsbury dough baby. Cut out and attach a printed version of the Pillsbury logo onto this child size chef hat. A cozy white sweater will keep your dessert-loving little one warm in chilly weather. And can we talk about this cookie teether? So unbearably sweet.

Train Conductor


Your locomotive obsessed toddler will appreciate this one. Striped overalls, a striped hat, and a red bandana are all essential parts of the puzzle. This vintage LED lantern would be so cute to carry around as the sun goes down, but could also be used simply as a prop for a Halloween photoshoot!


With a little time and creativity, your baby could become the most delightful slice of pizza you’ve ever seen! Cut out felt shapes resembling cheese, green peppers, black olives, ham, mushrooms, pepperoni, or any other combinations you love. With a needle and thread, secure your pizza toppings to a beige sweater with only one or two loose stitches and a double knot tied on the inside. When the holiday is over, simply snip the threads and wear your sweater again and again! I love these checkered shoes for this costume, somehow they really fit the vibe.


 A scarecrow costume is easy to create! A plaid patterned dress or sweat suit paired with a little raffia straw is all you need. Add a touch of face paint for round, rosy cheeks if you like! I found this tiny raven finger puppet and the cuteness was almost too much to handle.

Burrito Baby

If you’re the parent of a newborn and your other kids want to go out in the autumn air to trick-or-treat until their feet fall off, then you’ll want to keep that baby warm! There’s no better way than to make your baby into an actual burrito. Start with a green romper. Wrap your tasty bundle in a tortilla swaddle and slip on a lettuce hat! For that fresh takeout look, trim an emergency blanket to size and wrap the bottom half of your burrito. Looks just like tinfoil!

Flower Pot

Watch your child bloom and grow… from their very own flower pot, of course! They’ll love wearing this gorgeous petal headband (available in more colors) along with these cozy floral sweats. I like the idea of adding even more faux flowers around the inside of the pot.


A baby version of Gary the snail is, quite possibly, as cute as it gets. Even better if your baby knows what sound a cat makes. This soft blue set can be worn over and over, not just with this picture perfect pink snail shell and snail hat. Hand your little gastropod a burger teether and the look is more than complete!

Babybel Cheese

Turn your bite-sized cutie into this iconic, wax-sealed snack cheese! A white thermal romper like this one is the perfect base for this costume. You could either create a knee-to-chin sized circle with craft foam and fabric to recreate the Babybel logo, or print it small and safety-pin it onto the tummy of the romper. A delectable red bow is all you’ll need to tie this costume together!

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