about us

our story.

let's just start with a little thank you. thank you for taking the time to check us out, we both hope you find something you love! wait, did I say "we both"? I sure did! you see, 

we're a small unique boutique, ran by co-founders Kait and Knute.

We’re from a small town about 50 miles north of Seattle, Washington called Anacortes. We recently were married in March!

we're both crazy about babies and we wanted to share our style!

we saw a lack of what we'd like for our future babies, so we started this company with high hopes. our goal is to supply you with simple, minimal, stylish and ultimately adorable clothing, all at one great price, with unbeatable support and guidance for you. we always take care of our customers and mama's to make sure they're happy, because being a mama is tough enough!


kait's story.

Being a full time nanny for several different families over the past few years has been so fun, amazing, and such a blessing to me. I love to dress those babes up in cute outfits and I found I have a huge passion for it. I adore babies & kids and can't wait to have my own soon! My focus is to provide cute and practical items at an affordable price to make every littles wardrobe admirable.

knute's story.

Upon returning from my year long training for the Army National Guard, I had my eyes set on Kait, fast forward to today, and we're about to be married! I always just loved and appreciated how well she took care of any babies, wether it was family, nannying for the parents, or even friends. She's so loving and caring towards them, it only makes sense that she'd love to see them styled right, and this interest quickly spread to me as well. We agreed that we would love to supply others with the same simple, yet stylish clothing lineup, and teamed up to create one adorable boutique just for you!

get to know us more on instagram, @chubbybubbybear

-kait w. & knute f.


ChubbyBubbyBear LLC