Totally Doable Baby Christmas Photography

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Totally Doable Baby Christmas Photography

Totally Doable Baby Christmas Photography

What’s better than Christmas?

Christmas with a baby, of course!

Such a special time needs to be captured in a magical way. I’m here to help! I’ve collected a handful of irresistible photoshoot ideas that you’ll have a blast recreating.

Already overwhelmed at the idea? Don’t be! Read on to find some tips and tricks to make this holiday picture project go as smoothly as possible.

First Things First 

  1. Assemble a team of extra hands if you foresee the need. If you’re on your own, make use of tripods and timers so you can be more hands-on with propping up or positioning your baby. 
  2. You know your baby best. Choose an idea that you know they will enjoy! Something that’s fun for one baby might be uncomfy or overstimulating for another.
  3. Timing is everything. If you want baby awake and happy, set up during nap time and plan feeding time accordingly. If you want to capture the perfect sleepy face, create a calming, no-pressure environment. Don’t feel rushed to get baby to sleep. I’m sure you know as I do, it always backfires!
  4. Set up soft lighting that will illuminate your little angel. Open up windows to get rid of shadows, or arrange a lamp or two at your baby’s level to eliminate harsh downward lighting from ceiling fixtures. This also removes the need for your phone’s flash setting, which could be startling to little eyes.
  5. Familiarize yourself with your phone’s camera settings. Portrait mode is a useful tool!

Editing Tips

  1. Should you choose to edit, download simple editing apps on your phone if you don’t have them already. My favorites are Snapseed, AirBrush, and Picsart.
  2. Reduce overly yellow/green light tones. Brighten whites for that crisp studio look.
  3. Use touch-up and healing tools to remove distracting things such as outlets from your otherwise flawless photos.
  4. Bring out the natural colors of your subject and props! It’s easy to go overboard with filters, but you’ll want to keep the perfect complexion of your beaming baby true to life.

 Let’s Get Inspired

  • String light snuggles

String Lights












Let your baby drift through dreamland on a cloud of blankets surrounded by sparkling lights. Find string lights at Target or at your local craft store. Experiment with apps like Picsart to add even more glowy detail with effects brushes. 

  • The most precious gift









This just looks like how it feels to have a new baby, doesn’t it? All you need is a gift box, a blanket to put inside, and a glittery Christmas tree to place it under. The perfect little present!

  • Santa hat sleepyhead

 Santa hat








You’re going to see a couple more adorable baby Santa hats as you keep scrolling. I’m clicking “add to cart” on Etsy right now. 

  • Tree entrancement







The stripes, the white rug, the dimmed lights… darling. Stage this one however you like, just make sure to capture the moment your tiny one reaches for those magical Christmas tree lights. 

  • Christmas Eve silhouette

 Christmas Eve







To accomplish a sweet silhouette, all you need to do is set up your phone with a timer. Turn off all lights except for your tree. Then, tap and hold on the brightest light (which is likely the star) and auto exposure will lock in place. Later, play around with the blackpoint and the contrast to soften the look. 

  • Mirror merriment








A decorative mirror, Christmas lights, and tinsel are all you need for this gorgeous idea. This one is all about angles. And potentially wiping up drool from a curious baby.

  • A gift from a special guest


Daddy gets to play Santa in this photoshoot! And you can’t resist a tiny pair of reaching hands. I like to imagine a recreation with a sentimental ornament that your baby can recognize for Christmases to come.

  • Hot cocoa bath

 hot cocoa

Combine water, cocoa powder, and a bit of milk to make this jumbo cup of hot cocoa. Extra large marshmallows and a comically big straw really complete the illusion. I love the peppermint bow detail in this photo.

  • Candy love


Candy canes, a soft blanket, and a festive outfit are all that are required here. A simple photo that really melts your candy heart!

  • Candy cane mini heart

mini heart 

More candy canes, please. Utilize portrait mode to achieve that beautiful blurred effect. Nothing too fancy for this sweet photo session.

  • Milk and cookies

 milk and cookies

St. Nick will have to wait his turn for the milk and cookies. Be creative with this adorable play on a holiday tradition. 

  • Bedtime story

bedtime story  

Maybe only after your baby is milk-drunk will they let you place them carefully on a book. Maybe they’re old enough to hold it themselves. Either way, including this classic storybook is sure to spark some Christmas wonder. 

  • Posing with pets


If your baby has a furry best friend, it would be a crime not to invite them to the photoshoot! Matching hats, feet and paws, snuggles under warm blankets, peeking through a window together. Better get those treats ready!

  • Gingerbread house

 gingerbread house 

Let baby explore the wonderful world of gingerbread! (Be wary of choking hazards)

  • Ornament backdrop


Some clear string and colorful ornaments can become a whimsical background for a cheery smiling baby.

  • Santa baby

 santa baby

Do I need to explain why a baby sized Santa outfit is a good idea?

  • Sweet treat

 sweet treat

For the chunky munchkin you want to take a bite of. Play with perspective and enjoy the Christmas cookies you get to eat in the process!

  • Fresh baked

 fresh baked 

Gingerbread baby. Can it get cuter than this? DIY your own cookie onesie with ric rac ribbon and felt! 

  • Mischievous elf


This is an idea you can really run with. Your silly elf can get into all kinds of trouble as long as you’re holding the camera. Make spilled sugar snow angels on the kitchen table. T.P. the Christmas tree and hand baby the roll. The fun and funny ideas are endless. 

Enjoy this holiday season with your sweet babies. I know I will. I can’t wait to use at least a couple of these baby Christmas photography ideas myself!

Merry Christmas!

-Makayla Wayt