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Things I Regret Not Doing During Pregnancy

4 min read

Things I Regret Not Doing During Pregnancy

Things I Regret Not Doing During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a bit of a drag in the everyday moments, but looking back, it definitely feels like a whirlwind.

Sometimes I question if I was ever really pregnant!

I’m proud of my body and the hard journey that I completed, with every bump along the way. (Haha. Bump.) I learned to be forgiving of myself.

That being said, I really don’t necessarily feel guilt about not accomplishing certain things while pregnant. However, I remember often thinking “I’ll worry about that later,” and “I’ll do xyz when I feel a little better.”

Spoiler alert…

I never felt the same as I did before I started growing a baby. I did eventually feel better, but not during those early months before that horrible morning sickness started to fade.

So, in hindsight, there are a few things I wish I had pushed myself to do. Even if I wasn’t feeling 100%.

If there’s anything you know you’ll wish you did, just do it!

Here’s what I wish I did. 

Creative progress pics / journaling

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest or social media (once the algorithm picks up on the fact that you’re pregnant), you’re sure to see a good amount of adorable bump photo inspo.

Soft silhouettes. Tiny shoes. Painted flowers. Polaroids. Cute fruit.

I don’t know what style of progress pics I would have come up with, but I do wish I would have done something creative and consistent. It’s not the most important thing, of course. And I do have bump pics anyway.

I just know that some planned photos wouldn’t have taken as much extra effort as I convinced myself that they would!

I also wish I had set aside some special time for writing down more of my experiences with pregnancy. I remember a lot about it, but it’s astonishing how quickly I forgot what it’s reallylike.

A few passages about the first movements, first ultrasounds, or about how I felt, both good and bad, would have been nice to look back on. I imagine that if I’m ever pregnant again, something like that could help me compare experiences. I could remember specific tips that worked and find bonus encouragement from me to myself.

Prenatal massages

Girl. Listen. Prenatal massages.

I had one appointment during my third trimester and I immediately wished that I’d spent more preggy time on that massage table.

The soft sheets and supportive pillows. The refreshing aromatherapy. The tension release. The warm towels. My feet and my back and my hips were all singing praises.

Invest in a specialist who knows how to take care of your rock star mom bod while keeping you and baby comfortable and safe. You deserve it. 

Chiropractor visits

Same type of deal, except I never went to see a chiropractor while pregnant so I really don’t know exactly what I was missing out on.

My ligaments, hips, and sciatic nerves took a hit from the weight of a growing baby. I was hurting a lot, and I feel like I could have had a bit more help to relieve a lot of that pain.

I only know that it was a strong recommendation that I never actually went for. Do with this tip what you will! 

More ultrasounds

For some reason I was pretty surprised that I didn’t get to see my baby at every one of my doctor appointments!

Can’t be just me, right?

I was also aware of the possibility that I’d end up with silly or even spooky looking pictures to take home, (not to mention the 3D ones and their questionable accuracy) but the sonographer would at least take their time, right?


My ultrasound techs at the doctor’s office were very kind and they did a wonderful job of explaining my baby’s development. Every picture I have is incredibly special to me. Although I understand no one can really control the position of the baby, it can be slightly disappointing to feel rushed and not get a snap of that perfect little profile we all want to see!

I discovered later that ultrasound studios exist.

They take the time to find those perfect angles and really show your little babe’s sweet features. If I was persistent about getting a clear ultrasound picture, I would have liked to paint it to hang in my daughter's room once she was born.

Talking to my baby bump

I found out that lots of people talk to themselves often when they’re alone.

I’m… not one of those people.

So I didn’t really talk to my growing baby that much, even though it’s encouraged.

Being pregnant for the first time is such a weird thing. I don’t blame myself for finding it difficult to talk to my bump. It felt a bit unnatural to me. It really is a skill that not everyone has!

What I learned over time is that it takes practice to talk to babies, whether they’re outside or on the inside. I’m sure I could have been better at it sooner if I had started earlier.

One-sided conversations are more painless when your baby makes eye contact and smiles in response, but even that doesn’t necessarily happen for a while. Animated expressions and clear demonstrations of language are very important, as I’m sure you know.

It’s just one of those parent things that you just gotta learn.

Just recently, my almost 6 month old started having “conversations” with me. It mostly sounds like she’s speaking whale, but it definitely counts.

And it’s super cute.

It makes me glad that I was eventually able to learn how to talk to her expressively since she was born.

I hope I’ve inspired you a little to go for the things you want to do while you’re in this magical phase of life!

Want more rest? Get it.

Want to treat yourself to more nice things? Do it.

Want to take steps to become more mentally prepared for your new baby? You’ll be happy you did.

You’re doing amazing. No regrets!