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The Best Gifts for New Moms

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The Best Gifts for New Moms

The Best Gifts for New Moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner, which means you are probably preparing your shopping lists. But what do you get for a new mom who just created, carried and delivered the best gift life can offer? Here are some ideas to show this new mama you are proud of all she has sacrificed to bring her beautiful bundle of joy into your world.

To Keep Her Comfy

Matching Lounge Set

There’s nothing like a matching lounge set to make a mom feel a bit more put together after a long night of feeding and soothing her baby back to sleep. When picking out a set, consider a high-waisted option to fit the new mama’s postpartum body. Plus, a nursing-accessible top, like a half zip will allow for more ease during feeds throughout the day. Try this Waffle-Knit Henley Shirt and Taper Pant set from Gap.

Mama and Mini Sweatshirt

Matching with her son or daughter is now a rite of passage as a new mom, so she will love a mama and mini sweatshirt to t-shirt set. Etsy is a great place to look for something custom.

Weighted Blanket

Naps may be hard to come by, but if she’s able to sneak one in she may enjoy cuddling up with a knit, weighted blanket – like this one from found on Amazon.

Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask

A silk pillowcase and sleep mask set to help her get the best sleep she can, when she has the chance. Check out the brand, slip, for lots of trendy options.

For Her Self-Care

Ice Roller

Her tired, puffy eyes will enjoy an ice roller to wake her up in the morning. You can find many options on Amazon for a great price.

Water Bottle

A big, new water bottle that will keep her hydrated. To keep it trendy, consider the Stanley Cup.

Scalp Serum

Scalp serum to help with the inevitable postpartum hair loss. Brands like Divi and Nutrafol are a good place to start.


A humidifier/essential oil diffuser combo to make her room a peaceful sanctuary. The  anti-mold technology of the Canopy Humidifier, makes it a great option.

Spa Day

A gift card to the spa, so she can take a day to pamper herself with a massage or facial. The time away from her baby will be a nice way to for her to refresh.

To Help Out

While offering to hold the new baby while the mother can nap, or get some stuff done around the house may seem thoughtful, here’s what the new mom really wants.

Cleaning Service
A cleaning service can be an extremely thoughtful gift to give before the baby arrives or a few weeks after he or she is born. If you are trying to keep costs down, consider a homemade coupon good for one deep clean of her house.

Meal Delivery

Food delivery or meal kits, so she doesn’t have to worry about cooking meals. Pro tip: the day I got home from the hospital I woke up to a delivery of fresh bagels, cream cheese and iced coffee and I truly couldn’t have been happier.

For Memories

Professional Photos
New moms take a lot of photos on their phones but purchasing her a professional newborn or family photo shoot is a sentimental gift that she will cherish forever.

Customized Jewelry
A ring, bracelet or necklace with the baby’s name engraved on it. She will wear it every day. GLDN is a great place to find dainty, personalized options at a great price.

Any of these gifts will make the new mom in your life feel special and loved. But remember to keep checking in on her – her whole world has changed, and your support means a lot to her.