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The Baby is Coming, Here's What You Need in Your Hospital Bag

4 min read

The Baby is Coming, Here's What You Need in Your Hospital Bag

The Baby is Coming, Here’s What You Need in Your Hospital Bag

Whether you’re a planner and your due date is still a few weeks away, or your contractions are getting closer and closer together – this hospital checklist will come in handy as you pack up your bags. It can be easy to overpack, so here are all of the essentials that you’ll actually need for you, baby and your partner.

Checklist for Mom

You could be in the hospital for one to four days depending on how your delivery goes. Keep this in mind as you are packing away each of these items, as the amounts are based on a shorter stay.

Important Documents:

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Birth Plan (if you’ve made one)
  • Short-Term Disability/Leave Paperwork (if you are working)


  • One or two comfortable nursing bras.
  • A cozy robe to wear over your hospital gown. The gowns have an open back, so this is especially useful if you are walking around the halls to keep labor moving.
  • Fuzzy socks or slippers with good grips on the bottom, again for when you are walking the halls before and after labor.
  • Loose, nursing accessible pajamas if you want to change out of the hospital gown.
  • A comfortable going home outfit. You’ll likely still have somewhat of a bump, so packing your go-to maternity sweats will do the trick.


  • It’s dry in the hospital, so don’t forget your chapstick and face moisturizer.
  • Scrunchies or ponytail ties to keep your hair back during labor.
  • Makeup if you’d like to put a little on before or after the arrival of your baby for those fresh newborn photos.
  • Tucks witch hazel pads to help soothe “down there” after delivery.

Nice-to-Have Items:

  • Your hospital bed may be far from an outlet, so get at least an eight-foot charging cord for your phone.
  • The hospital will supply you with plenty of pillows and blankets, but if you want a little piece of home comfort pack your pillow.
  • If you have an induction or longer labor, you may have time to take a nap. An eye mask is nice to have if you are trying to get some sleep during the day.
  • If you are a sound machine person, bring one, like the Hatch mini. There are lots of hospital noises, so it helps drown out some of those.
  • The hospital will supply you with a cleaning bottle, but the Frida Mom Peri Bottle has a better angle for cleansing.

The hospital will likely have everything you need for postpartum care, like pads, mesh underwear and ice packs. But if you want to bring your own, consider the Frida Mom Postpartum Kit and some adult diapers. They’ll also provide you with a water bottle, fan and other random comfort items. If you forget something, just ask – they probably have it! Plus, whatever they give you, you get to keep.

Checklist for Baby

You’ll need to pack a lot less for your new little bundle of joy. The hospital has tons of diapers, wipes, socks, hats, Halo swaddles and blankets for your baby. Consider the following items:

  • 2-3 sleepers in varying sizes from preemie to 0-3 month depending on size predictions of your baby. If you aren’t sure, pack one of each.
  • If you want to take some cute announcements photos, pack a cute “going home” outfit.
  • They will have plenty of blankets at the hospital, but if you want to get creative with your announcement photos, you may consider a customized name blanket and bow from an Etsy shop.
  • They will provide you with newborn hats, however, it doesn’t hurt to pack a few extras that match your sleepers or going home outfit.
  • You can pack a pacifier, but your baby may not take it so it’s not essential.
  • Most importantly, make sure your car seat base is securely attached to your car and you bring the car seat.

Checklist for Your Partner

Your partner doesn’t really need much either but adding in a few items for comfort and entertainment may be beneficial. Pack these items:

  • Pack a change of comfortable clothes, like a hoodie and joggers.
  • They’ll be sleeping on the couch, so you could bring a fleece blanket for added comfort.
  • Pack their phone charger
  • If they want to freshen up, they’ll probably only need a few toiletries like deodorant, body spray and toothbrush and paste. If they plan on showering, you’ll need to bring extra toiletry items, but you both will most likely wait until you get home.
  • This isn’t a necessity because you’ll both be able to order food and drinks at the hospital but, it came in handy to have a cooler with a few drinks and snacks like Fairlife protein shakes, body armor, energy drinks, etc. Plus, body armor is said to help with breast milk production due to some of its hydrating ingredients.
  • Roku Remote to plug into the hospital TV so you can both watch some shows to pass the time.
  • An iPad or Kindle for entertainment during the waiting periods.

 This list should help you get started on your hospital packing, but feel free to add or swap any items that will make you feel more confident and comfortable during your stay. Because you usually can’t predict when your baby will arrive, having your bags packed at around 35 weeks will help ease your mind and set you up for a smooth trip to the hospital.