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Nursery Organization Hacks

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Nursery Organization Hacks

Nursery Organization Hacks 

When you’re setting up your baby’s nursery, finding the best theme and décor is often top of mind. But how you organize it is equally as important! The baby items stack up quickly, so having a specific spot for everything will be a life saver. By dividing the nursery into different sections, you can maximize space and stay organized. Consider these simple organization hacks that will make your life easier when baby arrives.

Diapering Station

Having everything you need for diaper changes in one spot will make it much easier.

  • Find a diaper caddy to set on top of your changing station. I pack it with several diapers, face and body lotions, diaper creams and any other personal care items that I use daily. It’s super convenient to have everything in one spot, and it’s portable if you need to change your child in another room or on the floor.
  • Use a dresser instead of a changing table to maximize space and have more storage options for diapering essentials. We place our Hatch changing pad on top of the dresser, and it fits perfectly with enough space on either side for your diaper caddy.
  • If you need extra space, add shelves above the dresser. Aesthetically, it adds some dimension to your walls, and functionally it can be another spot to set jars with extra pacifiers or books.
  • Beside the dresser, we have the ubbi diaper palewhich is an essential for any nursery. Not only does it hold a bunch of diapers, but it holds in the stink which is even more important.

This is the only part of my nursery that isn’t designated to just one area. Our dresser and closet are on opposite walls, but the clothing I put in each are specific to their location.

  1. Closet Organization
    • I only hang shirts, sweaters and dresses in the nursery closet.
    • Arrange baby tops by size with hanger dividers. Not only are these cute, but they will help you keep your closet organized, ensure you are grabbing the right sized items and gives you a visual of what items your child has grown out of or the amount of clothes you have in larger sizes.
    • Below the hung clothes, I have a cube organizer where I place baskets with shoes or extra clothes, toys and blankets. I also use some of the cubes as book storage.
  2. Dresser Organization
    • Our dresser has six drawers. The top left drawer holds diapers and extra personal items, like lotion, brushes, etc. The top right drawer is where I hold sleepers, socks and bows. The middle left drawer is for extra sleep sacks and swaddles and the middle right drawer is for all of her pants. The bottom two drawers are for bathing items and burp cloths.
    • Use drawer dividers or bins to separate clothes and other items. I roll the clothes into rows so I can easily see each item.
    • On top of the dresser, is all of our diapering essentials (see above).
    • Beside the dresser we have a cute laundry bin with no lid to easily throw clothes into while we are changing our daughter. 

Nursing Nook

This is a space you will spend a lot of time bonding with your baby in, so make sure you feel comfortable and have all of the items you need to nurse within reach.

  • Find a comfortable rocking chair. I chose a reclining swivel chair to maximize space, but a traditional rocking chair with a stool will also work.
  • Place a side table next to your rocking chair. This is where you can set a water bottle, Hakka, nipple butter and a lamp to use while breastfeeding. I also set our humidifier and Hatch sound machineon this.
  • Underneath the side table, I put a little basket that holds extra pump parts and a blanket.
  • Keep a small pillow or your boppy on the recliner to help with nursing or to rest your elbow on. 

Play Area

As we wind down for bedtime, we spend a lot of time playing in the nursery. So having a designated play area has been really nice. Plus, as your child gets older, having several different play spots throughout the house helps keep them entertained by moving from spot to spot throughout the day.

  • When my daughter was a newborn, our play area consisted of a Lovevery Play Gym and toys.
  • Now as she’s started to stand, we’ve swapped that out for a play kitchen and an activity chair. The nice thing about these items, is you can find them in aesthetically pleasing colors, so it doesn’t mess with the theme of your nursery. 

Zoning out my nursery and creating organization practices before our baby arrived really helped us minimize clutter and keep her room clean, so I hope these tips will help you too.