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8 Things My Baby Does While I Work From Home

3 min read

8 Things My Baby Does While I Work From Home

8 Things My Baby Does While I Work From Home

When I’m with clients or doing a project outside of the home, my 9 month old loves spending time with her dad or with grandparents. But the majority of the time you’d find her at home with me. When I have work to do on my laptop, multitask mode turns on.

It used to stress me out a lot more than it does now! She has gotten pretty good at playing by herself. I’ve also just accepted the fact that I’ll always be pausing what I’m doing so I can be involved and aware. Which is easy because it’s so fun to watch her do things.

Basically… I’m obsessed with closely observing her as she plays independently.

Here are some things my baby does while I work from home.

Listens to music

Music is great. It not only helps me work, but it keeps my 9 month old happy. It doesn’t matter if it’s my music or hers. It makes a real good distraction when she hears something she likes and bounces up and down.

It’s her favorite (and only) dance move.

Destroys her diaper caddy

There’s something so fun about pulling out perfectly organized diapers. One. By. One. Luckily she hasn’t figured out how to open her packs of wipes yet. But she’ll have a lot of fun once she does.

Looks out the window

Our front door has a second glass door. It makes it easy to sit and observe everything that goes on outside. She loves looking out at the neighbor kids playing and riding their bikes. Cars, trucks, and dogs are always passing by our house, and those are fun to watch. Same with the big rainstorms that we’ve had lately.

We have a pair of birds that are working on a nest on our porch, too. Baby’s got a sharp eye and can sometimes catch them flying up close or resting on the railing.

Practices her talents

You know, baby talents. Screaming, squealing, spitting. Saying “ba ba ba ba ba.” Clapping her hands. She recently started waving and loves when I wave back at her. Sometimes I’ll put pillows on the floor like a little obstacle course and she’ll go out of her way to crawl over them.

Her confidence has been taking us by surprise the past couple of days as she began getting up from lying down to being up on her knees against the couch in a matter of seconds. She’ll stand with help, but I feel like she’s not too far from doing that herself too.

I’m very proud and very scared. 

Makes her rounds in her walker

She’s a speedy one. She’ll run from the kitchen, through the dining room, into the living room and back. Sometimes I’ll put some toys up on the couch or piano bench at her level so she can go around and collect them all.

Pats daddy’s guitar

Baby’s a big fan of instruments. She is fascinated by the sound made from tapping the side of a guitar. We’ve had to turn the guitar stand around so her little grippy hands don’t pull the whole thing down by the strings.

I’m currently watching her push down the piano foot pedals. Those sound pretty cool too.

Lifts rugs

I don’t know what it is with this girl, but she will find the edge of any rug and lift it up to inspect the underside. Rugs in the front rooms, and mats in the kitchen and bathrooms. All so interesting.

Just a little fray in the old carpet in our living room has turned into a pretty big one. We’ve always had plans to get rid of that carpet and put in hardwood flooring, but she’s encouraging us to bump it up to sooner than later.

Plays with toys

She loves her stacking cups and blocks right now. Anything that she can hold two of in both hands and smack together. She’s gotten pretty good at opening books and shaking things that make noise. Her grandma gave her a baby “tissue box” that’s full of crinkly fabric and tulle squares, and she has to pull it all out. No exceptions.

She hasn’t realized that shoes aren’t toys yet, but I know she would add them to the list if she was the one writing this.