8 Thanksgiving Desserts to Make With Kids

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8 Thanksgiving Desserts to Make With Kids

8 Thanksgiving Desserts to Make With Kids

Thanksgiving is around the corner! One of the best holidays, I have to say. What’s better than having a special reason to be with family and enjoy delicious culinary creations together?

Growing up, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving. Not only did I get to play with my cousins, I got to eat all of my favorite foods.

I still don’t understand people who dislike sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows.

The colors, smells, and overall warmth of this chilly season had a way of sticking with me throughout my life. I can’t wait to give my daughter the same exciting sense of tradition as she grows up, too.

The amount of Pinterest pins I’ve saved in anticipation for cute future holiday traditions is a little insane, but you can never have too many good recipes to choose from.

Especially when it comes to dessert.

Looking for some fun ways to bring your kids into the kitchen this November? I’ve saved you some time and found 8 fun treats to make with kids of any age!


Apple Slice Turtles

Get out the popsicle sticks! This is one easy dessert that everyone will want a bite of. Kids will love passing around these chocolatey apple pops.

 All you need are a few sweet ingredients and space in your refrigerator!


Nutter Butter Acorns

Simple and darling. These yummy little acorns are fun by themselves, but I can also picture them as a cute accentuation to a Thanksgiving charcuterie board.

If you can’t find Nutter Butter cookies, donut holes work just as well.


Fruit Cornucopias

Take this classic symbol of abundance and create a miniature version filled with your kids’ favorite fruits! The use of ice cream cones is nothing short of genius.


Apple Pie Crescent Rolls

If you’ve never experimented with different fillings to wrap up in your crescent roll dough, you’re missing out. I’ve tried chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, brown sugar, and even raspberries. This apple pie idea just makes so much sense.


Oreo Turkey Cookies

What sound does a limping turkey make? 

Wobble wobble. 


Anyway. Sometimes with kids, quick and easy is best. Oreo turkeys are basically a five minute craft that you can eat!


Caramel Apple Slice Bar

Everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner will have a great time creating their own perfect caramel apple slices, kids and grown-ups alike.

 No double dipping!


Mini Apple Hand Pies

What’s better than apple pie? Mini apple pies, of course! These adorable hand pies are sure to be a hit at your house.


Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispie Treats

This one really got me when I saw it. I already love Rice Krispie treats, but the way you can cut it like a real pie? I’m obsessed.


Wishing you and your littles the sweetest Thanksgiving!