5 Minute Beauty Routine

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5 Minute Beauty Routine

5 Minute Beauty Routine

Alright, I’ll admit.

I’d rather have one long-shower day and be crusty the rest of the week than have to get ready every single day.

But lately, life has been getting busier outside of just baby things. I’m grateful for the change of pace, but I’m reminded of the additional effort that goes into feeling ready.

I used to be the girl that couldn’t set foot outside without makeup on. It’s safe to say we’re past all that. I have to say though, going out and completing projects does hit different when I take a little time for myself in the mornings.

Or afternoons. It’s all the same.

I’ve put together my idea of the perfect 5 minute beauty routine! I designed it with order in mind, so that even if you only manage to get a few steps done before duty calls, you’ll still have a gorgeous glow. Feel free to edit to your liking.

Let’s get started!

1. Dry shampoo

Start here, if needed. Dry shampoo can sit in your hair and do its job while you get everything else done. A little amount in lots of sections does the trick. Rub it in and brush it out later. Just don’t forget about it like I do all the time. Not cute.

TIP: You curled your hair! Want it to last? I sleep with my hair up in a scrunchie ponytail on the top of my head. I end up with more volume at the root and even softer curls the next day.

2. Cleanse and moisturize

I try to never apply makeup before taking a second to wash (and often exfoliate) my face. Dirt, oils, and dead skin do no favors to a tired momma’s complexion. Get rid of that unnecessary texture and your skin will shine, makeup or not! Add a few dots of light moisturizer to keep dryness at bay all day.

3. Eyelash curling

This is an important early step for me since I have some straight and kinda unruly eyelashes. If I decide not to apply mascara later, my lifted lashes will still bring some brightness to my eyes.

4. Concealer

I’m mostly used to being tired by now, but I’m surprised sometimes to see how dark the circles under my eyes actually are when I look in the mirror. A touch of concealer in the right places really helps me look closer to how I feel. Or want to feel.

5. Brows

They frame your face. They add intention to your look. I feel like they’re the base of a nice “no-makeup” makeup look, and can easily stand alone if you were to stop here.

TIP: Get your brows tinted and skip this step! Tinted brows can last weeks at a time and are so worth it.

6. BB cream, tinted sunscreen, or foundation

No need to go heavy! My favorite thing to do right now is mix together my sunscreen and a few drops of foundation for quick coverage + sun protection. I use my hands to apply then buff away streaks and lines with a blending brush. Done and done.

7. Blush

Give yourself some life and color with some light blush. I like to use buildable cream blush because it’s very forgiving. A bit on the apples of my cheeks and just a hint across my nose where the sun naturally hits really gives me that effortlessly rosy look.

8. Mascara

I’ve found the most success (especially with my straight lashes) to brush on a little at a time, let it dry, then add more. Too much at once gets too wet and my curl will disappear. Even if I’m in a rush, I refuse to end up with clumpy, straight lashes!

9. Lips

Soft and moisturized lips are the cherry on top of your whole look. Balm, tint, or gloss it up.

Dang, mama. Whatever you’re about to accomplish today, you’re going to kill it.

-Makayla Wayt